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Hand made rings, bangles, and jewelry supplies. 

~~Handmade Items~~

Our team of artisans are just as excited about jewelry as you are! They are all dedicated to making jewelry, and are happy to create custom pieces of work with you. Most of our handmade products are wedding related. Why?, we have many years of wedding experience and have seen what accessories are most popular with our brides. So you can trust us to make comfortable, sturdy, yet elegant accessories for your special event. 

~~Top Quality & Great Prices~~ 

Here at The Stone Chapel, we focus on quality. All handmade items are inspected before being shipped to you. Even our factory pieces are quality checked. We also promise you great prices on any items sold in our shop. We believe that a better price is always possible and try to make it so for your convenience. 

~~American Made~~

We try to find US made product any chance we have so we can better help our country. The few items we have that are not American made come from The United Kingdom or The Republic of Mauritius. You can always find this information in the materials section of our listings. 


Please don't hesitate to ask! Our customer support team is always ready to talk and make you feel happy about your experience.

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